The James Caird Society

Welcome to the website of the James Caird Society, a society dedicated to honouring the outstanding qualities of leadership associated with the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton, especially during the ill-fated but glorious Endurance Expedition, when all members of the party were rescued following a daring 800-mile voyage in the 23’ 6” life boat James Caird.

The Society has two formal dinners each year, held at Dulwich College, Shackleton’s former school and now home of the James Caird. These are usually very well attended events, featuring a relevant speaker and with welcome drinks ‘around the boat’. We also issue an annual Newsletter, and a Journal every 18 months or so.


The AGM will take place at Dulwich College on Friday 1 November. Afterwards we look forward to a talk by John Geiger,  CEO of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and leader of this year’s  successful expedition to locate Shackleton’s last ship Quest.

Shackleton posters  A few left: we ask a minimum donation of £15 please to cover production costs, plus Postage and Packaging of £5.00 (UK) or £9.00 (overseas).  Please contact for full payment details.