South Georgia Association

New and future science
Saturday 10 November at the Aurora Cambridge

A chance to discover more about the groundbreaking scientific research being done in South Georgia and the surrounding seas.

This full day event will consist of presentations by scientists who are currently actively involved in the area, and will be of particular interest to anyone with relevant knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for the topic – scientists and non-scientists alike.

The event will be held at Aurora, Cambridge, the British Antarctic Survey’s state of the art new Innovation and Conference Centre. The programme will include an exhibition of art work and photographs related to South Georgia and the event will end with a drinks reception followed by supper in the Icebreaker.

Full details of the event, including the registration form, are at
Deadline for registration is 20 October 2017

An enduring story… from every point of view

News of another take on the famous Endurance Expedition, this time on stage in Germany.

Author and director Christoph Busche looks at the well-known story from ship’s carpenter McNish’s perspective in a production that has its world premier in Kiel on 27 January 2018. For more information on this production, entitled Verloren im Packeis, please see here

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Sale of Shackleton-related books

10 January 2019

A private library of Polar exploration, assembled over many years by Roger Casson, is coming up for auction in Yorkshire on 10 January 2019 (viewing on 9 January).


Tennants of Leyburn, an eminent auction house in the North, have a unique collection which is attracting huge attention from Polar/ Shackleton experts around the world.

Full details on the Tennants website:

The Stolen Elephant Theatre Company

The Stolen Elephant Theatre Company had a big hit with their play, Shackleton’s Stowaway at Edinburgh Fringe last summer, receiving a 5-star review from Edinburgh Guide plus a special award for selling 97% of their tickets!

In April 2019 the company will be doing a week’s run in Cervantes Theatre, Southwark, London: 23 April to 28 April . For more details,, please go to

BBC 2 are currently running a series

BBC 2 are currently running a series entitled Icons, featuring national icons. On Wednesday 9 January, the theme is famous explorers and naturally Sir Ernest is in the running. The Grand Final will involve a vote for viewers to select their  preferred icon. Full details via

Julian Dowdeswell of SPRI

Julian Dowdeswell of SPRI is heading up a team of scientists on board SA Agulhas II currently en route for the Weddell Sea. One of the most ambitious Polar expeditions in recent years, the scientists will try to discover why a trillion-tonne iceberg the size of Northumberland broke off the ice shelf and floated 28 miles (45km) last year. They also aim to search for the wreck of Endurance, crushed in ice more than 100 years ago.

Scholarly Article: Worsley’s Navigational Logbook aboard the James Caird

The Navigational Logbook of Frank Worsley, one he kept whilst navigating the James Caird from Elephant Island to South Georgia is now available via this link:
The logbook was discovered at the Canterbury Museum, but instead of a heroic read, it took nearly a decade to decipher and prove each character.  Cmdr Worsley utilized a form of celestial navigation popular in the 1800s, and as such, proved itself incomprehensible even to modern practitioners of celestial navigation.
Each page of the logbook is presented, along with a precise transcription and explanation of each day’s navigational tasks.  Unlike Lansing, 1959, this isn’t a summary.  Rather, it is an exacting and exhaustive document, peer reviewed by others familiar with time sight celestial navigation.

Henry Worsley returns to Grytviken

Henry Worsley returns to Grytviken on the glorious island of South Georgia

Ice Tracks is honoured to be taking the ashes of a great polar hero, who tragically lost his life traversing Antarctica, to be laid to rest in Grytviken, South Georgia.

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