Shackleton’s Final Quest

Shore visit South GeorgiaThe Ice Tracks expedition to commemorate the centenary of Shackleton’s death aboard Quest in 1922 set sail from Ushuaia on 31 December 2022, having been unavoidably delayed by Covid. The expedition party, comprising some 80 adventurers aboard the Island Sky, included JCS members (notably Chairman Rear Admiral Nick Lambert) as well as Patrick Bergel, the Boss’s great-grandson, and Dr Joseph Spence, Master of Dulwich College.

Many other Shackleton enthusiasts and Polar experts, as well as the extremely professional crew and staff of Polar Latitudes, ensured that the splendid 21-day voyage was as informative as it was enjoyable. The ice-ing on the cake was that an auction held on board raised some £8k for the South Georgia Heritage Trust. We are hoping to print a full report of the trip in the summer Newsletter: contributions would be very welcome. Please send pictures and words to

A good time was had by all!