‘The Alexandra Shackleton’

The Alexandra Shackleton on the Southern OceanLong-serving members of the JCS will remember our 2013 Newsletter featuring the Epic Expedition which replicated the original trip of the James Caird across the Southern Ocean from Elephant Island to South Georgia using the same rudimentary equipment, period clothing and technology as Shackleton had nearly 100 years before. This 2013 expedition, led by Tim Jarvis, was the first authentic retracing of ‘the double’ (completion of the voyage as well as the crossing of mountains and glaciers).

The voyage itself took place in a replica lifeboat, named after our own President and of course Shackleton’s grand-daughter: Alexandra Shackleton.

The replica lifeboat has been passed on to the Christchurch Foundation where it will find a permanent home in Akaroa where the captain of Endurance, New Zealander Frank Worsley, originally learned to sail. The Churchill Foundation is now working to restore the Alexandra Shackleton to a seaworthy state – and to build her a worthy and permanent home.

Full details about this exciting project, which is fully supported by The Hon Alexandra Shackleton, can be found on the Churchill Foundation website.