The Last Great First …

… with doctors on skis

October will see another challenging expedition which aims to emulate the spirit of Shackleton: Gareth Andrews and Richard Stephenson, both medical practitioners, will attempt to become the first team in history to ski across the continent of Antarctica, including its two permanent ice shelves, unsupported.

Their success over this 2600 km, 110-day expedition will be testament to tenacity, determination and meticulous planning. Day on day, the trek will further our knowledge of rarely traversed sections of Antarctica, how humans perform in extreme conditions and our continuing impact on this most pristine of environments.

The Last Great First will bring the future into focus for a new generation, underlining the importance, majesty and fragility of Antarctica and its pivotal role in our survival on this planet. This trek will highlight the urgent need for the protection of these vital systems through a deeper understanding of and investment in Antarctic science. More information can be found on their website.

Last Great First

The James Caird Society wishes the team every success in this exciting venture.