Three celebrations of the Quest anniversary

As expected, the year has begun with a burst of activity as preparations gather pace to mark the centenary of Shackleton’s death aboard Quest in South Georgia on 5 January 1922.

Most recent news comes from JCS member Paul Hart, Expedition Leader of Antarctic Quest 21. This expedition is one of scientific research and will follow untrodden areas of the Antarctic, emulating the spirit of the original Quest expedition. Continuing the science and exploration programme, the team will travel along   the spine of the Antarctic Peninsula and will cross the Forbidden Plateau from Portal Point to Foyn Point. Here they will gather information on how the thickness of the ice covering the rock is changing. Further work will contribute to a scientific understanding of what is happening on the Peninsula in terms of climate change, meteorology, geology and glaciology – all things that have a direct impact on the future of our planet. Full details of the expedition can be found on their website

Kent Scouts – forthcoming project ReQuest21. After the success of last year’s Quest for the Silver Suitcase, Kent Scouts are repeating the hunt: for a once-off minimum donation of £5, participants will receive challenging cryptic clues daily throughout February 2021, taking them on a tour from the UK, throughout Europe, Australasia, Africa, America and Asia. The overall winner will receive a cash prize of 20% of takings. Find out more on the ReQuest21 website

And finally (for the time being) there’s an invitation to take part in Antarctica Now, a seven-day online festival featuring world-leading experts on all things Antarctica: wildlife; conservation, exploration, climate change and politics. It will run from 25 – 31 January 2021 and you can find out how to participate on the Shackletonlondon website.